You can play Parapoopers here.

Parapoopers is a game I built for a friend of mine, Irish parenting blogger Digital Dad

DD ‘s blog is a fun, modern look at parenting. We had previously worked on a few things together and although we had always spoke about doing some sort of game, we could never come up with a solid concept.

One day, while discussing classic arcade games,  Paratroopers came up and I thought “Parapoopers!!”.

We fleshed the idea out and came up with a concept. A modern version of Paratroopers where babies are dropped from a stork, use their diapers as a parachute and poo on poor dad who’s job it is, is to catch them safely.

The more we discussed the further away from Paratroppers we got. For example, In paratroopers, a cannon shoots falling paratroopers. Of course, we didn’t want to be firing anything at babies so we scrapped that element of the game. So dad will catch the babies? What if dad doesn’t catch the baby, what happens the poor baby??

By the end of initial discussions all we had was the name and the concept of a baby with a diaper-chute.

We decided to keep it simple. An endless runner where the baby flys through the sky with his diaperchute and the aim is to collect as many bottles as you can while avoiding angry flying poos.

A friend of ours Ró O’Broin who done the original DD blog graphics was kind enough to create the stunning graphics used in this project.

Game features include:

Fully functioning PWA

Works Offline

Dynamic Social Cards


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