Dancing with Marty

By the time season 2 of Dancing with the Stars Ireland was starting we had made several games in RTÉ Digital. So many that ‘games’ were part of our teams digital offering.

When thinking about a game concept I knew it had to be a dancing game and with the time constraints it had to be pretty simple.

A popular game in the noughties was Dance Revolution. I put together a quick prototype whereby the user has to swipe in the direction of rising arrows with notes on how DDR worked.

Once we added the Dancing with the stas graphics and theme tune the game was pretty much already there.

The main task was undertaken by our design Ro, an excellent animator who threw together sever dance animations to go along with the music, each correct swipe had a corresponding dance based on the arrow.

An example dance sprite used in 'Dancing with Marty'
An example dance sprite used in ‘Dancing with Marty’


The final addition was taking sound bites from an old advert Marty did for RTÉ called ‘The Journey’

You can play Dancing with Marty here Enjoy

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