Flip & Win with Mór Irish Gin

In July 2019, I was approached by Eoin Bara of Mór Irish Gin to build a unique marketing campaign for one of their new products.

Eoin was happy for me to come up with the game concept but asked that incorporated the following functionality:

  • Mór wanted to add new customers to their existing mailing list so they could email them with promotions & news.
  • Mór wanted something that allowed user to interact with their brand in a unique and fun way.
  • Mór wanted to build customer retention by having players come back several times.
  • Mór wanted something mobile and easily shareable via social media.
  • Mór wanted to promote one of their new products.
  • Mór initially wanted to run the game as a giveaway.
  • Mór also wanted the game to integrate their new online shop by offering winners 20% off coupons.
  • Finally, Mór wanted to gather marketing information in the form of a detailed survey.

The resulting game is Mór flip & win.


The initial game was a competition to win a mini Mór gin set. This campaign worked as follows:

  • To play, players must enter some basic info & sign up to the Mór newsletter.
  • Each day, players are only given 10 attempts to flip a Mór gin bottle and try land it in an upright position.
  • Players must do this 3 times in a row to successfully complete the challenge.
  • If players are successful. To redeem their prize, players must also complete a detailed gin survey.
  • If players fail to complete the challenge. They must wait until the following day to play again.

This following video demonstrates what happens when a player does not complete the challenge. In this instance, players must wait until the following day, when their number of attempts is reset back to 10. This functionality demonstrates the customer retention feature of the campaign.


Once the competition completed. The game was updated to allow players the change to win 20% off in the Mór online store. This functionality is still live today.

Game/Campaign features

  • HTML 5 cross-platform game which allows players to interact with Mór’s brand in a unique and fun way.
  • Custom build user registration.
  • Full Mailchimp integration. From sign up to winner mails to targeted promotions and mór.
  • Limited number of attempts per day thus increasing customer retention (players keep coming back to play).
  • Shareable across social media & messaging apps.
  • Detailed tracking using Google Analytics including number of flips, successful flips etc.
  • Admin area for keeping track of winners and coupons.
  • Prize claim form for users to submit delivery address securely
  • Custom built age verification step which was used to verify winners age (required as prize contained alcohol).
  • Gather invaluable market research via the winner survey/questionnaire post win.

Play here

Videos and Screenshots to come…

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